Lazy Mom Dinners

We all have those days, there’s no denying it.  We’re tired and the thought of slaving in the kitchen preparing a home-cooked meal is just outright blasphemous. We love our kids, but as parents we go non-stop all day.   Whether you got stuck at work later, sat in rush hour traffic, or just had … Continue reading Lazy Mom Dinners


Rethinking sustainability…leaving the farm

Simple living...with kids

Early this year, I sold a small organic farm on the outskirts of our city, and moved back into the suburbs.

Our farmhouse in the morning. It was idyllic, beautiful…and not sustainable.

I didn’t really have a choice, to be honest. I was divorcing, and the place needed to be sold for financial reasons anyway.

But prior to that, being on the farm for nearly a decade had made me rethink what sustainability means, and how we can move forward in a world that seems intent on, well, not moving forward much at all.

Petrol…the fly in the ointment

We were extremely car-dependent at the farm. There was no public transport. The nearest supermarket, bank, school – all of it was a drive away. There were no buses or trains. This was a huge hurdle to sustainability.

I was routinely spending $100 a week on petrol, and my partner…

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