To Be a Woman

Women, in all rights, are goddesses.  We have the ability to bring life into this world; hence the term Mother Nature; the creatress of life.  We love and hate with all of the passions of the Greek Gods, from Aphrodite to Hates.  We are strong, determined, and passionate.  We are short, tall, thin, round, and … Continue reading To Be a Woman



I have been away for a while, and there are many things going on, but I will keep this short and sweet.   First, my wonderful mother planned a family vacation so that us here on the east coast could go back home to Texas for a few days and visit with my grandmother and … Continue reading M.I.A.

Blogger Recognition Award Nomination

This is my second Blogger Recognition Award Nomination and I am again humbled that somebody continuously reads my posts and finds it entertaining or helpful.  It is always an infinite honor to be nominated by one of my peers that finds me worthy of something such as this. I would love to thank Princy from … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award Nomination


Fun Kids’ Activity from the Experts in Education

This guest post is being brought to you by the amazing staff at Let me start by saying that I was beyond honored when Jessica reached out to me inquiring about posting guest content on the DisorientedMom site.  I researched the site and am very impressed by what I see.  They have a team of … Continue reading Fun Kids’ Activity from the Experts in Education


Bonding Over Indominus Rex (with a side of Chris Pratt)

Bonding with my daughter as a very small child was easy for me.  This is mainly because everything was new and exciting and my daughter was fascinated with anything she had never seen or experienced before.  When she was little, everything was a “first” for her.  My heart melted seeing that look of discovery in … Continue reading Bonding Over Indominus Rex (with a side of Chris Pratt)


Kids Say the Damndest Things

Anyone with kids knows that children are like little parrots, and for some reason, they cannot remember to do their chores or the lecture you just gave them, but they sure as sh*t can remember those bad words we drop.   There are times where this will have you racing for the bathroom trying not … Continue reading Kids Say the Damndest Things


Lazy Mom Dinners

We all have those days, there’s no denying it.  We’re tired and the thought of slaving in the kitchen preparing a home-cooked meal is just outright blasphemous. We love our kids, but as parents we go non-stop all day.   Whether you got stuck at work later, sat in rush hour traffic, or just had … Continue reading Lazy Mom Dinners