To Be a Woman

Women, in all rights, are goddesses.  We have the ability to bring life into this world; hence the term Mother Nature; the creatress of life.  We love and hate with all of the passions of the Greek Gods, from Aphrodite to Hates.  We are strong, determined, and passionate.  We are short, tall, thin, round, and … Continue reading To Be a Woman


I have been away for a while, and there are many things going on, but I will keep this short and sweet.   First, my wonderful mother planned a family vacation so that us here on the east coast could go back home to Texas for a few days and visit with my grandmother and … Continue reading M.I.A.

Bonding Over Indominus Rex (with a side of Chris Pratt)

Bonding with my daughter as a very small child was easy for me.  This is mainly because everything was new and exciting and my daughter was fascinated with anything she had never seen or experienced before.  When she was little, everything was a “first” for her.  My heart melted seeing that look of discovery in … Continue reading Bonding Over Indominus Rex (with a side of Chris Pratt)