That Was TOO Close

The last week of my daughter’s summer camp, the school year is officially days away, and Wednesday was just another first. Let’s start by saying my daughter’s school doubles as a summer camp.  I got beyond lucky with this school because it’s a private school that does before and after school care and has … Continue reading That Was TOO Close


Rethinking sustainability…leaving the farm

Simple living...with kids

Early this year, I sold a small organic farm on the outskirts of our city, and moved back into the suburbs.

Our farmhouse in the morning. It was idyllic, beautiful…and not sustainable.

I didn’t really have a choice, to be honest. I was divorcing, and the place needed to be sold for financial reasons anyway.

But prior to that, being on the farm for nearly a decade had made me rethink what sustainability means, and how we can move forward in a world that seems intent on, well, not moving forward much at all.

Petrol…the fly in the ointment

We were extremely car-dependent at the farm. There was no public transport. The nearest supermarket, bank, school – all of it was a drive away. There were no buses or trains. This was a huge hurdle to sustainability.

I was routinely spending $100 a week on petrol, and my partner…

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