To Be a Woman

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Women, in all rights, are goddesses.  We have the ability to bring life into this world; hence the term Mother Nature; the creatress of life.  We love and hate with all of the passions of the Greek Gods, from Aphrodite to Hates.  We are strong, determined, and passionate.  We are short, tall, thin, round, and come in every imaginable size and shape.  And the best part is…ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL!  We have beauty in our souls, and even in our flaws.  We are strong, courageous, and are constantly forced to take on so much, but we do it with dignity and always find a way.  


All too often women are referred to as “complicated.”  As a woman, we do not often think this, but also do understand why.  Delve into our minds for a moment, won’t you?



Women communicate in so many different ways; words, body language, actions.  We are always saying something, even when we’re not (and for the men out there, this is where you would insert your puns, haha).  Many times, it’s not like we’re even speaking the same language as men, and every woman is different in how they express themselves.  Sometimes we’re bluntly honest with no filter, and other times we can’t find the right words and it sounds like heaves of word vomit pouring out of our mouths while we struggle to say things the right way.  While most of the times we are one way or another with words, sometimes we’re a strange blend of the two based on the topic or flow of conversation.  We get shy and embarrassed, or sometimes very opinionated, or any variety of things in between.  


One day we may say one thing, when the next day it might be the total opposite.  This is not necessarily because we’re trying to be difficult, but that we’ve had time to dwell on something and thought about it more rationally and from all sides.  Often this is a woman second-guessing and playing devils’ advocate.


Knowing a woman’s body language is helpful in knowing how she feels about something, but there is no written rule.  Again, all women are different and it’s really about knowing the individual.  We all have “quirks” and things we do when we’re angry, upset, relaxed and uncomfortable.  Really watch, it’s like recognizing signs of individuals.


Support System

Women are a support system for almost everyone.  Family, kids, partners, colleagues, and sometimes just another human being in need to a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen.  We support our loved ones, even through the most difficult of times, when our sanity is strained to the breaking point, and through every decision made, whether it be good or bad.  We don’t back down from that challenge, we only find ways to make it through and hold on with everything that we are, even when the impact takes a toll.  We fiercely defend our loved ones, good or bad, right or wrong.  Even more naturally, we try our best to understand, even when we don’t have a clue.  We are empathatic and sympathetic to most of the things around us.


Strength in silence

There is nothing scarier than when a women gets quiet.  Kidding, kidding.  Women go silent for many reasons.  It can mean we’re deep in thought, taking in information, coping with something, or trying our best not to lash out at something.  There is strength in our silence, though.  We are working through something, likely rationalizing something.  Women are incredibly strong, we take on so many roles and often are plates are running over.  


Our Brains Never Stop

We constantly question ourselves, and our decisions, and reflect on all of this.  If you’ve ever seen the Mel Gibson movie What Women Want and you remember that first scene after he has his new found “powers” where he is walking through the park and can hear the thoughts of all of the women passing him…this is pretty much what it’s like.  There’s always something going on in our heads, be it big or small, but it’s constant.  This is simply because we worry.  There is nothing wrong with this, by nature we have so much going on that we can’t remember the smallest of tasks.  


We are our own worst critics

Cliche as it may sound, we ALL have body image issues, and the struggle for self-improvement is very much real and alive.  We criticize ourselves, pick at imperfections that bother us, and lots of the time spend too much time focusing on these things.  Even the world’s’ leading supermodels have issues, things they don’t like, imperfections they notice.  But this even goes beyond self-awareness, it’s also questioning our own decisions and choices for our family.  We second-guess ourselves a lot when it comes to certain things.



I have found this section the most difficult to write.  Likely, many women will know exactly what I’m trying to say, but since I can’t find the words to make sense of it, here’s a scenario.  A few years ago at work, I was getting yelled at by one of the outside managers.  We’re talking full on screaming and cussing, over something ridiculously stupid like the size of my handwriting.  You would have assumed I called his mother a whore the way he was tearing into me.  By the end of this shouting match, I was so enraged that my eyes started welling up.  I refused to blink knowing the inevitable would happen.  So after my final shout back, I turned to walk away and the flowing of salty liquid commenced.  I refused to let him see this.  Now guys, this didn’t happen because I got my feelings hurt or anything, but I was pissed!  Women tend to do this; cry when we’re that mad.  Why does it happen?  I personally think because there’s nothing else that can be done, it just happens.  And to top it off, if this has ever happened to you, you get mad at yourself for crying because you’re not sad and you feel the need to justify that you’re not sad, but angry.  This is actually quite common among most women.  We cry for sorrow, but also for anger.


At the end of the day, women, we all have the power.  We are so very different in our actions, words and handling of things, but with so many things, we are the same.  We are independent, but know when to ask for help.  We are persevering when we know what we want.  We are always aware of the obstacles that stand in our way.  While we do get hurt, we bounce back from it like nobody else can.  We are humble and loving, while being superheros in our own respects, and we are unapologetic for who we are as individuals.  Women, we are beautiful in our flaws, our hearts and our minds.

47 thoughts on “To Be a Woman

  1. I agree with you 100% with this article!! I am glad I read this in the morning, it’s very inspiring. I find that women is most strongest human in the world. Without us there will be no man.

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  2. Yes women are Godesses 🙂 I can really relate to this article. I am guessing we cry also when mad due to frustration, nothing else can be done. Men hit something or go and get drunk. I do find that a good cry really eases the emotion it is like letting out some negative energy. Helps cool you down a little hahaha, It is lovely to share this link with some girlbuddies definitely

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  3. Very inspiring! I agree pur minds never stop working and we are a support system to everyone in our lifes–maybe simply because our minds never stop working 🙂

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