I have been away for a while, and there are many things going on, but I will keep this short and sweet.


First, my wonderful mother planned a family vacation so that us here on the east coast could go back home to Texas for a few days and visit with my grandmother and the rest of our family.  My parents, sister and I relocated to the east coast many, many moons ago, and I think we all miss that southern lifestyle and hospitality.  So for that, thank you, Mom, the trip, though short, was amazing and reminded me of where we come from and that family is everything.


Within a few days of getting back, our house started to fall ill.  We initially wrote this off to the great change in weather.  While in Texas, we were in the high 80s with an incredible amount of humidity on some days, and came back to the chilly 40 degree weather in Northern VA.  


By the end of the week that we came back I was down and out, head cold, runny nose, nasty cough.  Going into the next week everything drained into my chest…and stayed there.  I lost my voice, couldn’t breathe right, and no amount of medicine that I took was alleviating any of the discomfort or symptoms.


Nearing my second week of being sick, I got incredible chest pains and was struggling to breathe, and ended up in the hospital where they could literally find no signs of a cold, flu, laryngitis, bronchitis…nothing.  But because of my inflamed vocal cords, my blood pressure was through the roof.  They could not properly treat me without a risk of making the congestion in my chest worse, so I have to wait it out.


The Friday after Thanksgiving I got a call from my regular primary care doctor, with odd news.  Something was found, though not related to whatever I was suffering from.  This news will not be publicly posted for another 6 months when I have a follow up scan to confirm or deny the findings.


So all-in-all I’m starting to finally get better, I sound like a frog and my breathing is becoming easier, but everyday is a little improvement until this thing passes.  The last few weeks have been a struggle, but I’m slowly getting back into a normal routine.  So I am back, looking to continue sharing.

18 thoughts on “M.I.A.

  1. Oh my gosh girlfriend I’m glad youre feeling a little bit better now! It’s tough to deal with that all at once, you sound like a superhero for sure 😀

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